Coinpay — Send & Accept safe Coinpayments for internet business.

Coinpay simplifies any coinpayments for any internet businesses or websites and makes it easy to send and start accept directly Bitcoin or other secure crypto payments (coins) with modern crypto Coinpay e-wallet, and simple manage all their crypto currency in one place.

Coinpay is a fresh and modern payment processor like a coinpayments that allow you'all to easily set up and accept most popular crypto currency Bitcoin at your personal or corporate website with very low fees directly to your most secure Coinpay eWallet.

Fee for accepting payments less than 0.50%. In addition the Coinpayments wallet have a original functionality by built-in services for personal and business payments.

We are currently testing coinpayments and soon the Coinpay wallet will be released in full functionality including affiliate program for referral join a merchants.

Last update: 26 May 2019

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